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SA's 50 best websites

My good friend, Arthur from 'Online Trek' has begun an interesting project. He is trying to find the 50 best South African websites. This must not to be confused with a Top 50 list where the result would be purely related to the number of hits and/or page views [for this check out www.satopsites.com : although looking at the top sites listed here you can see why there is a need to Arthur's type of list]. The 50 best is collated by the number of votes received for the websites.

What I like about the concept is it allows those smaller websites and their creators and designers to get some exposure. Just because a banking or news site gets a huge amount of visits doesn't mean the visitors are getting a pleasurable experience when doing so. They need to get a certain job done, or get the information they need, so will put up with an archaic looking site or a dog slow experience to do so.

The project is still new so click here and leave a comment or go to the Facebook group that has been created and do the same, you could influence those voting after you with your choice.

The Rules :

1) The site must be based in South Africa
2) The site must be a current site - regularly updated

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