Eish!!: Cheers Bill!

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Cheers Bill!

Gooi -ing movie after tv series after stage play after cd, Bill Flynn is as a part of South African culture as Mrs Balls chutney. It's weird to think he is no longer with us, but he has left as with all sorts of sounds and images to remember him by.

There have been and will continue to be many tributes made to Bill, and I don't feel that I am sufficiently qualified to add anything. I did like the following comment posted by Riaan Coetzee under the InsideIol blog post 'Bill Flynn dies' :
  • "Bill, you made us laugh. You made us cry. and at times, made us have a good long look and laugh at us as afrikaaners. i would like to dedicate one song to you: Frank Sinatra…. i did it my way. And i’m sure you would have said “i did it sideways” via con dios"
Cheers Bill.

Filmography (taken from imdb.com)
  1. Running Riot (2006) .... Tjokkie
  2. Krakatoa: The Last Days (2006) (TV) .... Gerrit Schuit
    ... aka Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction (USA)
  3. "Jozi Streets" (2004) TV Series .... Captain Boki Basson
  4. Oh Shucks... I'm Gatvol (2004) .... Paljak
  5. "The Carruthers Brothers" (2000) TV Series .... Quentin Carruthers II

  6. Heel Against the Head (1999) .... Tjokkie
  7. Human Timebomb (1996) .... Juarez
    ... aka Live Wire: Human Time Bomb (USA: alternative title)
  8. "Mission Top Secret" .... Professor Roux (1 episode, 1995)
    - Treasure at Elephant Ridge (1995) TV Episode .... Professor Roux
  9. Kalahari Harry (1994) .... Kallie
  10. Marie s'en va t-en guerre (1994) (TV) .... Père O'Casey
  11. Guns of Honor (1994) (TV) .... Almonte
    ... aka Guns of Honour: Rebel Rousers
  12. Prince van Pretoria, Die (1993) .... Beukes
  13. Kwagga Strikes Back (1990) .... Zapman
    ... aka Oh Schucks... here comes UNTAG!

  14. A Private Life (1989) (TV) .... Jack
  15. Saturday Night at the Palace (1987) .... Forsie
  16. "Senor Smith" (1986) TV Series .... Senor Smith
  17. Magic Is Alive, My Friend (1985) .... Detectove Argyrou
  18. Funny People II (1983) .... Dupe
  19. Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983) .... 2nd Prisoner
  20. City Lovers (1982) .... Detective
  21. Kill and Kill Again (1981) .... Hotdog

  22. "Play of the Month" .... Johnnie (1 episode, 1979)
    - Hello and Goodbye (1979) TV Episode .... Johnnie
  23. House of the Living Dead (1973) .... Simeon
    ... aka Curse of the Dead (USA)
    ... aka Doctor Maniac (USA)
    ... aka Kill, Baby, Kill (USA: video title)

Bill's cds (Taken from www.billflynn.co.za)

Toyi Kaka

Click here to download "The Toyi-Kaka".

A gees rugby album recorded AFTER we became World Champions.
Click here to buy it!

I Don't Like Cricket, I Love It
A CD celebrating the Cricket World Cup in 1996. With Paul Slabolepszy.
Click here to download the "World Cup Fever Song".

Gooi My A Tenor
A comedy opera album having a bit of fun with The Three Tenors.

Click here to buy it!

B.O.K.K.E A CD made for the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

Tenors Racket
By public demand - second comedy opera album.

Click here to buy it!
Click here to download "Tenors Racket".

Rainbow Worrior
Released after Celebrity Big Brother.

Click here to buy it!

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