Eish!!: La Linea - Simple but great memories (Video)

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La Linea - Simple but great memories (Video)

Last month a Eish!! readers had a great discussion around the post 'I remember more ...' remembering the way things were. A fair portion on the contributions revolved around the media and tv in particular.

Paul, a regular reader, sent me a link to a YouTube video that brought back a whole load of early tv memories.
Remember La Linea? The contemptuous two dimensional character that SABC used as a filler? Somehow the creators managed to get so much personality into the simplest animation sequences and it always left you wanting more. Tens of thousands have now either discovered or rediscovered this series through Youtube.

For more of the same click here (there's a whole load).

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Great memories!! Thanks!

For more on La Linea head over to the Wikipedia article on this great series.

Thanks for the link, Art. Interesting, I had no idea the first 8 episodes of the series were, in fact, created to publicize Lagostina kitchenware products

Excellent, I remember these with great.....not fondness really as they always seemed a bit pointless to me. I must however say, that I am enjoying them immensely now! I guess I've grown up a bit?!?!?!

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