Eish!!: Podcamp Cape Town ... Why is no-one talking about it?

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Podcamp Cape Town ... Why is no-one talking about it?

I am a little confused. I have just learnt that Cape Town is going to get it's own PodCamp.

For me it's an exciting development. I have been a consumer of Podcasts since just a few months after Adam Curry's Daily Source Code became what is generally accepted as the first podcast to be offered for download. I have found this form of new media refreshing and a necessary antidote to some of the mainstream media available here in South Africa, particularly radio.

In fact, I even ventured into the world of podcasting myself, with an experimental show in 2005/6, but decided to leave that sphere of the New Media revolution to those with voices worth listening to. Voices such as Rob Walch @ Podcast411 & Michael Butler @ The Rock & Roll Geek Show, both of whom have from time to time mentioned this thing called Podcamp. They have had me salivating as they described the meeting of like-minded people at an 'unconference' discussing all things 'New Media' in a relaxed manner, no airs and graces, no heirarchy, simply sharing ideas as to what can be achieved using this remarkable vehicle, the internet.

Here's the reason for my confusion. Is it just me, or has their been very little coverage of this event? The first I heard of it was when my Facebook feed showed that Vinny & Jeremy were going to be attending this thing called PodcampCapeTown. I did a quick Amatomu, Muti & Google search and besides Glenn of The ZA Show (the engine behind this initiative), ClickKliek & Ernst Kuschke, I don't see any mention of PodcampCapeTown anywhere? Glen's announcement was on the 29th June, and age ago in web terms.

So hopefully Eish!! blogging about it will help create a little more traction. It's difficult to tell exactly how many have committed to go as there are two places to register, the wiki www.podcampcapetown.com & FaceBook.com, but perhaps it's not so much the number of attendees that count rather what is discussed and how what is discussed filters through into the various New Media entities currently generating content and how it spawns new ventures. Perhaps it's not so much the number of attendees that count but the number of individuals who wish they could've attended. Perhaps it's not so much the number of attendees that count rather the quality of the presentations. And perhaps it's not so much the number of attendees that count rather the amount of fun that those attending will have. In fact let's be honest, it's not so much the number of attendees that counts, rather the amount of hype!

The broadband explosion here in SA is very close. Telkom has put us in a unique position to be ready and waiting when it does.

I can't help but think that this could be an answer to Fred @ Ideate's musing "Cape Town, wake up!"

Register @ www.podcampcapetown.com or www.facebook.com

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Thanks Eish!! I also saw this on Facebook and wondered why it was the first time we had heard that Cape Town was hosting what I think is SA's first podcamp.

Now we just have to wait for podcamp to come to Jozi!

Well said Eish,

We are in such a good position in South Africa when it comes to new media. The community is growing and more and more people are getting excited about the possibilities that new media and new marketing can bring to SA.

That is why I decided that Cape Town or SA for that matter, should host a PodCamp - it is the right time and I am very confident of that. 27Dinner has brought about a huge awareness and togetherness of the community over the past couple of months and hosting a PodCamp I think is going to help extend that awareness for more people to get involved and not only start podcasting, but get involved in other forms of new media like blogging, video and other great opportunities, business and social, that these unconferences can bring.

I also think that once we announce a venue, I hope that would help get the hype machine to push the force even more.

Thanks Glen, Please keep in touch re: the venue, so we can spread the word.

I've decided to investigate coming down to CT for the PodCamp - will need the venue announcement as soon as word is out!

In many fields Joburg is where the action begins and then filters around the country. Interesting then that this initiative has begun in Cape Town - the Mother City has birthed something new!

Cape Town is the tech/creativity capital of South Africa *period* The first geekdinner, the first barcamp... home of cherryflava, incubeta, quirk, skyrove, ideate, The ZA show and many others...

The Mother City is always bring something new into the mix, first

Well said Rafiq - I agree, Cape Town comes up with the best ideas; we just have to get behind them.

Eish, thanks for reminding me about Podcamp!

Looks like the numbers of attendees is growing fantastically. Keep sending the word out.

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