Eish!!: Eish!! Vrek cold

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Eish!! Vrek cold

Lewis Pugh has been in our conscience recently been the subject of a regularly flighted Investec advert in television. [click here to view]

Although born and currently living and working in the UK, he has deep roots in Cape Town & South Africa, as he was raised here and begun his swimming journey here relatively late in life. His first swim been a Robben Island swim. I have swum with him and listened to him speak about his achievements, and he is remarkable in the way he sees himself as being unremarkable.
Now he as achieved yet another first. Swimming 1km in the North Pole. It took him 13 minutes and 50 secs to swim the distance in water of -1.8°C. As he states it's sad that he is actually able to find water to do this swim as the water should actually be frozen, which is why he does these amazing, or stupid, swims to raise awareness of the effects of global warming. No rock concert necessary!

As The Times states on their front page : EISH COLD!

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