Eish!!: Mutant Springboks - What does it mean?

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Mutant Springboks - What does it mean?

Why does it now need to take 30mins to read out 3o names?

On Saturday Supersport viewers had to endure a painful half-an-hour of dancing, prancing, missed cues and the president of SA Rugby reading the name of the captain of the Springboks off a piece of crumpled paper. If you missed this riveting piece of television, click here, although I strongly advise against it. Why we need to see dancers running around a stage imitating springboks and mutants rappelling from the ceiling at a team announcement, beats me.

Believe it or not that is not the topic of this post however. The new advert for the Springbok rugby team was flighted for the first time during this 30 minutes. I am always bemused at the need to advertise for support of a national team, nevertheless some of these advertisement have been pretty good, the SA Cricket World Cup Team promo been a case in point. But the thought of having to watch green mutant rugby players do their thing in between programs for the next couple of months does not fill me with excitement. I am sorry, I just don't get the relevance! There's no stirring of the national pride. No 'feel good' value. They had something with the Zulu drummer and warriors for a split second but lost me with the mutants on all fours. Maybe it was my frustration at the team announcement proceeding that has prejudiced my opinion, but I just don't get it!

Here's the advert for those of you who have not seen it yet. Give it a watch and tell me what you think.

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Does this mean that South Africa have sent the Transformers to the World Cup???

Commercialism gone mad! I also see no relevance to the ad - it certainly does not stir up any national pride in me! In fact, I'm slightly embarassed (although not surprised) that the go-ahead for this ad was given by those in authority at SA Rugby.

Usually its the politicians who shoot SA Rugby in its foot in the lead up to a major tournament - this time they've managed all on their own!

Hey Ernst!
You referring to the post, comments or the advert?????

Eish guys...Don't hate!

Sheer artistry is what I have to say. It's a brilliant ad. The advert will do the job i.e. getting the support of the nation but of course won't win us the world cup.


My 9 year old daughter just saw it and her words was : "Weird! That's not rugby!"




I guess I'm one of the few who actually like that ad. It's different and I like that they tried to do something else as opposed to the generic 'rainbow' nation cheering on the players while braaing etc.


I certainly wouldn't want to play against those mutant dudes ha ha.

Ah yes the mutant ape team, I too share a deep seated hate for this advert. I wrote a short post on it myself http://esquaredfashion.co.za/2007/08/06/new-sa-rugby-tv-ad/
Im glad to see im not suffering alone with this one. Im not sure who we need to shoot, so that these kind of adverts never poison our souls again...but im thinking we will be needing a very very BIG gun.

Proudly south African: nearly America. Where do i hide my face? looks like we are on the downward slope of americanizing our national identity. next, why don't we have a world series for rugby - "mutants only cup" - that way, we'll always be the champions.

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