Eish!!: From one "Lank Tired Oke' for another

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From one "Lank Tired Oke' for another

An email arrived in my inbox yesterday. The first paragraph reads :

"Howzit okes, and chicks, my name's Duncan Farenheit and I'm like, a muso from Obs. I used to play bass for a band called 'The Tired Okes', but the main oke in the band, an oke called Attie Pienaar fired me for forgetting to turn my amp on, so I formed my own band, bru, called Duncan Farenheit and the Lank Tired Okes.But then all the okes, like left the band, so then I became just One LANK Tired Oke. Or "OLTO", as I was also known as for awhile, even though I am like more of a baritone. Then I formed another band called 'No Friends of Attie'. But then we broke up, so I went solo. But I'm going to be playing like a reunion gig with the Lank Tired Okes at the Autonomous Riempie Chair Cafe' in Obs lower main road. Should be kief. So howz to come like check us, bru? Don't tune me nooit, hey. Shot. ... and Oh Ja, tell lank okes and chicks about it, 'cos it's a vris winter and it's better if we like huddle together to keep
warm, you check." - Duncan Farenheit (& The Lank Tired Okes)

After an introduction like that I reckoned that I could forego the usual Friday video and rather give those lucky readers staying in and around Cape Town something to go and do this weekend. So why not waltz off to the Orange Street and park off at the Intimate Theatre for what appears to be an hilarious musical evening.

Check out his blog for further info.

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