Eish!!: 50 Best South African Websites ... time's running out

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50 Best South African Websites ... time's running out

The Tri-nations is over, the weather is either going to be wet, cold or too hot to go outside and The Simpsons Movie is only going to take a few hours of your time this weekend. So, use your free time and scour the web for that South African website(s) that excites you. Then post it at Online Trek or the Facebook group.
I first wrote about this initiative on the 15th July and since then there have been some interesting votes cast. I will hold comment until after the results are published so as not influence the result in any way. But go and check out the two public nomination points mentioned above and see for yourself.
The voting closes in just 4 days, and your vote will count. It's a general vote, no rules other than it's origin must be in South Africa. Don't miss this opportunity to share your gem with the rest of us.

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