Eish!!: Act4SA - A debate worth following

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Act4SA - A debate worth following

On the 11th August an organised march against Crime in South Africa is taking place ... in London. It is being organised under the banner Act4SA.

This has sparked a fair bit of debate online as to the merits of such an event. It's been fascinating reading the differing viewpoints. What I have found most encouraging is the amount of respect that each of the contributors have shown for those with differing perspectives.

I am going to stop my commentary here however in order to not dilute the debate any further. What I am going to do is send you to those sites where the topic has and is being discussed. I have found these articles to be cogent and fair. Do yourself a favour and seek out the comments after each article.

SA Rocks : Protest against crime to be held in London??
Bristol SoapBox : Here? There? Anywhere?
Adrian Hope Baillie : Crime in SA - what now?

[Update : Act4SA London protest feedback Posted : 13/08/2007
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