Eish!!: SA Braai Day (Video)

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SA Braai Day (Video)

I am not convinced that there is a necessity for a National Braai Day, or that we need to know in advance when it is to be prepared. Here in SA we are always ready to 'gooi vleis' on the grid. Nevertheless I found this video on Zoopy straight after ready this post @Bristol Soapbox and figured this must be a sign to share with my readers.

Men, laugh out loud, ladies watch, enjoy, nod your head knowingly and then forget you watched it!

Braai Day is on the 24th September - for more info go to www.braaiday.co.za

Update : If you enjoyed that check out this video : Braai Etiquette

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Ah how I have missed those days of "gooi-ing vleis" into the naked flame of an over exuberant fire!!!

Excellent video.

But I thought EVERYDAY was a Braai Day in South Africa

Eishman, I would like to convince you of the need for National Braai Day. Our country does not currently have a single day where we all just celebrate the fact that its nice to be a South African. To braai is a symbol of that celebration. To braai is one of the very few things that all South Africans share and certainly something that we are the world leaders at. 24 September was chosen due to the fact that it is a public holiday (so there is enough time for all to braai). Currently the calenders refer to it as National heritage day but we have this dream that one day that will change, after all, to braai is our national heritage.
Anyhow, thanks for the exposure and the link. We are a non profit organisation and really need stuff like this to help us spread the message. Regards.

I love the dream, all strength to you.
Anything Eishman can do to help, feel free to drop me a mail.
Let's hope we don't effect global warming with all those braais on the 24th Sept ;-)

On global warming: One has to cook food anyway. To braai is a direct use of energy versus electricity where there is spillage/wastage from the burning of coal to the actual use on the stove/oven. It is thus your duty to your children's children to braai as often as possible.
Furthermore, braaing is a healthy outdoors activity and leads to an enjoyment of nature and ... I can go on but have to go and turn the grid now.

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