Eish!!: What's a mashup? Granny Teller explains

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What's a mashup? Granny Teller explains

Arriving back at CT International after 11pm last night after flying to Johannesburg early that same morning for a meeting, Eishman was totally buggered and really not looking forward to the drive home. If you consider that this includes a trip over a mountain, the ride required me to be awake, something I was not.
Fortunately, I had burnt a cd with Adam Curry's 'Daily Source Code' to listen to. Two minutes into the drive I heard this mashup and I was awake and rocking! Nothing like a mash of Black Sabbath and Led Zep to ensure you are awake and ready to hit the highway.

So do I need to explain what a mashup is? I had planned to spend a paragraph explaining, but then I found this little video. Watch Granny Teller explain further.

In my opinion the all time classic mashup is Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Listen to it and you will never be able to hear Green Days "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Oasis' "Wonderwall," Travis' "Writing to Reach You" and Eminem's "Sing (For the Moment)" (which samples Aerosmith's "Dream On") in the same light again.

There are many other gems available at MashupTown or PartyBen for download. Just be aware of the dubious legal nature of these mp3s. Personally the sheer artistry is something to behold.

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Brilliant! Nice find.

I found this vid while browsing through YouTube - the mix is absolutely stunning!


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