Eish!!: Protect your mp3's - Keep your Anti-virus up-to-date

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Protect your mp3's - Keep your Anti-virus up-to-date

It's been a while since we have had a virus scare. Authors of viruses have moved their attentions to malware, which take over the infected pc's and allow them to earn money using these infected machines. Viruses provide no payload for their creators, making them less attractive to develop.

While the prevalence of this new virus is extremely low, W32.Deletemusic, is a sobering reminder that we need to keep our anti-virus software updated. The virus spreads via attached drives like flash drives or other removable media. It will really hurt if one gets infected and this virus does it's things, finds all your mp3's and deletes them.

Is your anti-virus up-to-date?

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