Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Matthew Gair

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Matthew Gair

Yet another Cape Town artist finds the spotlight this week.
Matthew Gair, is a perfect example why I started the Friday SA music spotlight. There is so much talent in this country just waiting to burst into the 'big' time.
However, one almost doesn't want someone of Matthew's caliber to be discovered. Once you hear his compositions you want to keep them in a safe place, ready and waiting for that discussion when you can show those around you, what you have or know that they don't.
To describe his music and give those who have not heard it a reference, think Glen Hansard's 'Once' soundtrack, beat David Gray down to his most raw or imagine Jack Johnson after he has spent a few years in the mother city.

I can't wait to catch his next gig.

As an extra bonus SA's Overtone music (a great site btw) is offering his album 'and She whispered I Told You So' for free download. I strongly suggest you do so, enjoy it and go out and get the next one he is currently working on immaediately it is available. Then you can say, I knew of Matthew Gair before he was a mega-star!

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