Eish!!: Corporatocracy alive and well in SA?

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Corporatocracy alive and well in SA?

It was with great interest I read a comment posted at the 'Living in Jozi' blog today. A seemingly innocuous, albeit valid , rant about the inability to view the IEC's elections.org website using anything else but "Microsoft Internet Explorer V4 (and upward) on the Windows operating system" to be able to access whatever information may be available on the site, seems to have unearthed a far greater issue than simple ineptness.

The anonymous commenter claims to be contractor within the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) and while he points to internal systems problems, it is the alleged 'control' and resource 'milking' of the commission by Accenture that peaked my interest. I am just about finished John Perkin's best seller, Confessions of an Economic Hitman and the it must be said these allegations have a very familiar sound to them. The American corporatocracy culture appears to have become so instilled in the large companies that claim that "IEC is run by Accenture" ,while truthfully remains an unsubstantiated musing of a faceless anonymous internet commentator, has a fateful ring to it.
To take a half step back; Wikipedia describes Corporatocracy as a "neologism that describes a government dominated by corporate influence, banks, and governments." Perkin's claims that American corporates are a front for the USA's march towards global colonisation. They get their tentacles into their target country's halls of power through various means, that I won't go into here as the book is a good read, and eventually when the time is right the strings are pulled up and big daddy has one more puppet.

I have always happily lived under the hope that South Africa is not strategic enough to warrant this from happening here ... perhaps I was wrong ... or perhaps this is just one of those conspiracy theories ....

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The faceless anonymous internet commentator says: Without wanting to become the source of another Internet conspiracy theory, this does make for interesting thinking.

I know for a fact that Accenture has/had a large number of contractors at SARS. Just yesterday I heard that SARS had requested Accenture to remove all of their contract resources from their site. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it would be a pretty simple matter for me to confirm it.

I also know for a fact that Accenture has/had a large number of contractors at the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange). It is public knowledge that Accenture had to pay pretty substantial penalties for their inability to deliver working systems at the JSE.

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