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Watch the Markets Online

If, like me, you have followed the recent global economic movements with great interest, you have probably wanted to keep up with trends of the various indicators on hourly rather than daily basis. Of course the catch is to do this from a South African perspective.

I have found the best place to do this is Moneyweb.co.za. While the broadcast arm of the Moneyweb company has had a checkered past, channel-hopping as they have been given the run-around be SABC's radio executives, their online offering remains a great resource. But click on the the 'Daily Indicators' link on the frontpage's menu bar and the usefulness jumps as you get slightly delayed positions of all the major indexes, exchange rates and commodity prices.
Combine this with a litle intra-day graph you get a fantastic picture of the what the current days movements are. More than sufficient for the amateur market watcher.
An additional option which creates an interesting picture is the little menu under each graph which allows you to get a graphical view of whatever indicator you are currently analysing over various time spans. On the left you can see graphs of the JSE All Share, Rand/Dollar exchange rate and Brent Crude Oil price over the past 3 months. Interesting.

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