Eish!!: Social Networks are evil!

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Social Networks are evil!

50So, I switch on the laptop, ready to kill off one of those stories waiting in the wings .. ready to give the Eish!! readers a pearl that is going to change the online experience.
But, wait first I need to check Digg to check out the latest online buzz. I better wade through the various email accounts for feedback, requests and other material before deciding on today's topic. You know what, I should see what the rest of the SA blogosphere are writing about at Muti and Amatomu ... maybe take a quick peek at Afrigator as well? Hey, look someone has joined my BlogLog community and a couple of dudes and dudettes have updated those wiki's I like to keep tags on. In fact while I am at it let's see what the guys and gals are up to on Twitter! (yes, it's up .. damn) OK, I guess I should take a browse through the Facebook seen I am on a roll. Now maybe I should check out Plurk ...

Now why did I switch the machine on?

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So true, but face it, we LOVE it!

mmm ... sometimes I have my doubts ... then I log right back on!

Eish, please give me a ring about your weekend away. I seem to have lost your number and your mails keep coming back.

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