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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Ninja

As we continue our journey through the varied and dynamic SA music landscape, we pause at an interesting artist making his presence felt in a genre we haven't highlighted yet @ Eish!!

Ninja, recently signed to independent label Sotho Mafia and is currently recording his debut album.
Not having any expertise in the Kwaito/Hip Hop/Hard Ass Rap genre, I asked for some input from the label. Here is the reply, directly from the keyboard of the artist ...

“Don’t get it twisted I'm not your average mreppa.Eazy just, that dude, mr see ha ke go feta. Life is too short to wait. So I’m always on the move Get I right.im here for good I’ll never go back. I didn’t build this city but I want my own plek. Yeah another Maftown rapper.Tshepiso,Ninja,Mixed Breed...Funny how u turn a hobby into a career. I don’t wat the first hip hop track I heard was. but what I do know is I've been into it for bells. from the time I was called "lemy man" to "lehipi" to "lenigga" now ke "mreppa".MHS where I started spitting at school shows. and then formed a crew "Sotho Mafia”. which is now the record label I run with. Now with all the fooling around it got crazy when I recently featured on Morafe's 2nd album "a e ne",9mm logo...alongside some of Maftowns sickest mc'z.K.T,Thainouko and Gomez...I was recently approached by glen sebeelo (my producer,skeem sa ka) to work with him on my album. Then went to Cape Town where I worked with Lungelo.Im ready to take ova.me,I follow the birds.up.Now,tswala matlho,relax n breath.”

He has put a few tracks on his MySpace page as a preview , click the link below and give them a listen, it'll get you into the weekend vibe.

Links : MySpace

PS :
(For those of you who struggled with Ninja's reply, I put the quoted text above through the Google Translation Ringer and got this result :
Failure to do so twisted I am not the average mreppa.Eazy just that dude, M. See ha go feta. Life is too short to wait. So I am always moving, I right.im here for my good will never go back. I have built this city, but I want my plek. Yes another Maftown rapper.Tshepiso, Ninja, mixed race ... Humor and how to turn a hobby into a career. I am not that the first piece of hip-hop, was heard. but what I know is that I was there for bells. since I have asked "lemy man" to "lehipi" to "lenigga" now "to mreppa." MHS where I began spitting at school shows. and then formed a crew "Sotho mafia". which is now the signal to run. Now, with all the mistakes around him was crazy when recently Morafe 2 nd album "ae do," 9 mm logo ... Maftowns alongside sick mc'zKT, Thainouko and Gomez ... I was recently approached by Glen sebeelo (my producer, Skeem for you) to work with him on my album. It then went to Cape Town, where I worked with Lungelo.Im ready to take ova.me, I am the birds.up.Now, tswala matlho, relax n breath.

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