Eish!!: Oops, there goes the Cape Town 27Dinner!!

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Oops, there goes the Cape Town 27Dinner!!

While a Wiki page is great for collaborative efforts, sometimes there can be a downfall.

Like tonight, when a user, seemingly in error, managed to delete the Cape Town 27Dinner page when adding here name to the list of attendees.

I hope Dave and the boys can get hit an UNDO key somewhere ... I was too scared to touch anything.

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yes on the wiki blog million blog list someone deleted a whole section too.

that's the danger with wiki type things.

just passing by since I saw you in my sidebar

My Little Drummer boys

Going back to the 20th of May revision should be fine. The page hasn't been prepared for the next 27 dinner in anycase, so nothing was lost really.

@ Marco & Glen : Good to know, I don't know that much of the intricacies of the Wiki.
@Baby~amore : Thanks for popping by and taking the time to comment, don't be a stranger

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