Eish!!: SA's 'Xenocide' features on The DailySourceCode

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SA's 'Xenocide' features on The DailySourceCode

Thanks to a link sent to 'The Podfather' Adam Curry by Derek 'The Bandit' Richardson, the South African anti-foreigner rampage has entered the consciousness of the worldwide independent media movement.
Take a listen as Adam responds to the news and pictures featured at The Times' website. (and, no Derek has not left the country)

Catch the full podcast here
The slideshow referenced : Flames of hate

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Hey Eish,

Just listened now and I think an audio comment is in order to Adam to tell the story like it is because I don't think he did much preparation before the show on this issue, but the can of worms was opened and it is going to be interesting to hear more discussions on this very sad state that humanity has gone into here in SA.

I hope myself and somebody else can send an audio comment through before he records the next DSC.

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