Eish!!: Nokia snubs South Africa

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Nokia snubs South Africa

I went check to out the highly rated new Nokia N96. (It's a beaut by the way). Clicking over to http://www.nseries.com/ I was greeting with a little pop-up box, asking if I was willing to spend a few minutes filling in a little questionnaire. Being the obliging fellow I am, I agreed.
Page one asked me for my sex and age. Page two for my country or region I currently reside.
Now I know South Africa may not be Nokia's biggest market, but I would think that we rank a little higher than, let's say Solomon Islands?

... needless to say I did not continue. (Still want to get my hands on a N96 though)

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Look under R for Republic of South Africa.

That never crossed my mind ... I went back and completed the survey to make up for that, although I fill in many online forms and haven't ever had to do that before?
Thanks for the response

I agree. Most forms seem to use the standard dropdown list with South Africa instead of Republic of...

I only made it one screen further before being informed I wasn't of the correct demographic!

(Strangely Kiwi rugby players and commentators still seem to constantly refer to "The Republic...")

What's an N86? (see your last sentence)

Thanks Toetsiekedoetsie

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