Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Verity

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Verity

As I began my travels through the web-o-sphere deciding on this week's SA Music artist, I browsed through Peak Performances' artist catalogue. (for the first time I'm ashamed to say) As the first notes of Verity's single 'Perfect' came through my pc's speakers I knew it would be an easy decision. The fact that she comes from my neck of the woods and claims to have been inspired to write her first song on the beach down the road helped make the decision even easier.

Doing my homework, I found that she is quietly pushing the music scene here in an interesting direction. Ideate.co.za did an interview with her earlier this month where she explained how she has gone about financing her upcoming album.
She is pre-selling her album online and has already managed to pre-sell over 1700 cd's (Eishman's copy is #1703). While this doesn't sound remarkable, it must be explained that the pre-selling is in fact financing the production of the cd. Those buying the album before release are called official "Future Owners" and given the power to help choose the songs that will appear on the album as well as assist with the choice design of the album art. Thus becoming intimately involved in the development of the product. Further to this 10.6% of every album sold will be given to two worthy organisations People Opposing Woman Abuse & Live Your Dreams Foundation.

She currently has 21 songs you can give a listen on her website. Here adult contemporary style is reminiscent of early Jewel with heavy us of piano and acoustic guitar. She also has a few overly poppy tunes on the current playlist, 'Don't look back' as an example of one such song, but on the whole her compositions are easy listening with meaningful lyrics. My personal favourites being 'Perfect' and 'Box of photographs', with '18 holes' sure to get overtake them with a wee bit of extra production. But hey, you be the judge, take a listen and you can help her create a masterpiece!

(Feel free to submit any artists you would like featured in the Friday SA Music Spotlight. Click here)

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Hey Eish! Don’t worry, I won't SHOUT at you for only exploring our site now! Hehehe... glad you found Verity though!

I first met her when she was a part of Chaos Casting, situated at the River Club, and she's really a special lady. I love what she has done, and the way she's been creating her own space by being innovative and in control of her own destiny!

Mooi skoot! Have a good weekend!


Wow this is really something.She has definitely got something going here, by actually selling something that is not available yet, people will definitely be interested in it.On the one hand, people will visit the site to just check here out and create hype, while on the other hand she receives the money necessary to produce her album, brilliant.



@ Rouvanne : ... it's just that I have never explored the bowels ;-)
@ David : If she pulls this off, I reckon we will see more of these type of initiatives.
Thanks guys for taking the time to comment.

Hey Eish,

I interviewed Verity in Feb 2007 for The ZA Show episode #88.

Direct link:

She is awesome in person and she has my full support indeed. I cannot wait for my CD in mail. Hope you've reserved yours?

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