Eish!!: Anyone for a Carver-y?

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Anyone for a Carver-y?

Two weeks ago I brought the music of Lira to you (and promptly caused her bandwidth to dry up). Being a collector of music, I went off to the local music 'mega' store to purchase her cd and was pleasantly surprised to find it sold out. But I now found myself in a music store, with nothing in particular to buy ... I couldn't just leave without making a purchase!
As things turned out I have landed up buying a whole lot of cd's. One of which is the latest, albiet not new, Louise Carver.

Louise is another SA artist that is destined to become a superstar locally, and with a little luck internationally. She is a classically trained pianist, has vocal training since the age of 6, released her first single when she was 17 and album when she was 18 . Clearly there is a heap-load of talent here.
Her voice is extremely listen-able and music style pop with just enough rock mixed in to appeal to a broad audience. She has deservedly enjoyed pretty extensive airplay locally, with 'I didn't mean to call' featured below being one of the many songs that have done well in the charts around South Africa.

Her website louisecarver.co.za is, like Lira's well designed, easy to navigate and gives you a nice taste of what her latest album has to offer. Our local web designers are producing some fantastic portals for our artists fans.

Enjoy this week's musical interlude.

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I knew Louise and her sister when they were still very young and living in Tokai. Idon't remember her as being particularly musical back then but I am very fond of her music now - amazing what a little musical maturity can do!

Cool story, it does show the value of sticking to your dreams.

So what did you want to do when you grew up?

... a blogger ... of course

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