Eish!!: Digg takes some Muti

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Digg takes some Muti

CEO Jay Adelson and founder Kevin Rose of internet phenomenon Digg.com, announced today that they will be purchasing a controlling stake in www.muti.co.za.

Reminiscing about the 'old' days (Digg.com was launched in December 2004) Rose commented how the community that is currently active at Muti reminds him of how the Digg community was when it was before it exploded to become one of the web's most active sites. The submitters, readers and bloggers regularly engage one another as they debate issues, some important, some superficial.

Adelson said that, much like Google, they saw South Africa as an entry point into the untapped African market. He sees Muti's simple, easy to use interface ideal for mobile integration, the device Africans will use to connect.

Although no amounts have been announced, it's widely believed that R77, 7 million has been negotiated for the 51% stake in Muti. It's still uncertain how the windfall is going to be split amongst Neville, Dave, Charle and Eric, reports Igotua Gain.

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Wow I guess the cat is out the bag now, it was supposed to be kept under wraps. Since the news is out now I can divulge a few of the details. Firstly, there are some conditions to the purchase as follows:

Registration: There will be a new registration form, they liked the simplicity and want to keep it that way, howevere there will be 16 new compulsory fields on the form, these will be things like address, age, sex etc, and an additional 23 optional fields with things like sexual preferences, girlfriends phone numbers etc etc.

Don't be alarmed by the compulsory fields, it will be really easy as they will be split over three screens. You fill out the first part, which then waits 48 hours and then sends off two separate emails to addresses you supplied which each give you two separate secret keys. The two emails must be to two domains. Once you have the two secret keys and urls then you can plug them both in to a new form which will take you to the second page of the registration form whereupon the process is completed.

After completing this simple process your new account will go under review by none other than Kevin Rose himself and if it is approved you will receive an activation key after 5 days. Kevin was certain that users would love this new simple procedure as it discourages the awful procedure of duplicate registrations which do not exist at all on Digg.

Voting: The voting will change as follows: Only A-listers (as compiled by A-Lister Vincent Maher) will be allowed downvotes. Clicking on the down arrow for all other users will automatically close their account. Upvotes will each count only half a point for new users but for A-listers each upvote counts 3 points.

Any submission to an A-lister blog post will automatically be given 10 votes at the outset to give them an easy crack at getting onto the front page. This is expected to dramatically increase the quality.

Submissions: When submitting an item it will first go into a review queue (except for A-lister submissions) If it is deemed high enough quality then it will be promoted after 3 days to the new page. This is to reduce spam.

As you can see we have a bit of work cut out before the transaction goes through but we are very positive about these changes.

Thanks for breaking the news.



Downvoting is to be removed for all users except for a select view, around 20 to be taken from the

Lol great April Fools post...

@ Neville : Glad to give you an opportunity to rant. Good one!
@ Wezzo, Glad you enjoyed it

You had me there for a moment ... until I realised the date!!

It is an interesting idea though .. hmmm...

@ Arthur : ... just a momment I'm sure ;-), Neville and the boys would never sell out ... would they?

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