Eish!!: Amaradio - SA Radio on your desktop

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Amaradio - SA Radio on your desktop

Most South African radio stations have an online presence complete with a streaming component so you can listen online, from your computer, anywhere in the world.
StrategyOnline have now consolidated many of these stations into one little desktop application called Amaradio. This means you don't have to surf over to the stations website, you simply choose the station of your choice from the menu. Very nifty!
As an added bonus, you can also record directly to mp3. I am looking forward to using this feature. Now I can simply record the shows I enjoy but have difficulty listen to, particularly in the evenings and then listen to them later ala a podcast.

This is a great feature for those of you ex-pats wanting to keep in touch with the motherland.

If I can send a suggestion to the guys @ StrategyOnline for a little feature that would be extremely cool? How about allowing to a timer recording option?

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Hi - I downloaded and tried this after reading your post. But am having mixed success with "reception." Do you get clear streaming?

@ Sue : I had a problem with one or two stations being a bit slow to respond, but only Radio 2000 failed to start. I strongly suggest you contact the guys as Amaradio to comment on their forum. It would be great for this thing to become a success.

I like this...now I can listen to Talk Radio 702 at my desk in Worcester!

Thanks for digging this up Eish!

@ Arthur : Always a pleasure, enjoy

Hi Guys.

Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated, glad you're enjoying it!!!

I'm planning on adding in a bandwidth meter, as well as the ability to indicate which stations are currently offline. I'll try to get that done next week.

Feel free to post comments or ideas for new features etc at AmaRadio.co.za.

All the best,


Gary James - AmaRadio.co.za

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