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Cape Town ... 5pm ... 36deg ... the commute ...

There's not much worse than leaving an unscheduled meeting in the middle of Cape Town just before 5pm with the thermometer hitting 35+ degrees Celsius. The notorious Cape Town peak traffic jam ready for you.
That happened to me on Wednesday. I psyched myself out of the usual route and decided to take the scenic route home. I am extremely fortunate that this route takes me along two of arguably the most beautiful roads in the world, both skirting the Atlantic Ocean, one a little higher than the other. Victoria Road which runs ibetween Camps Bay and Hout Bay and Chapmans Peak Drive between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.
As I drove smelling the sea air the ocean on one side and the marveling at the beauty of the mountain on the other, the stress of the day dissipated. I am extremely privileged to live in one of the earth's Eden's. The only thing that could have topped my drive would have been to have joined those sitting on beach enjoying the early evening sun, with a sundowner in the hand.

In two days time, I travel the other way, in a bike, having passed the half way mark of a 109km cycle around the peninsula. Let's hope I am able to appreciated the scenery then! [Thanks to those who have sponsored my ride, Eish!! has raised R500-00 for The Sunflower Fund. There's still time to donate, click the link on the top right of the page.]

(My commute)

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came over to see today's review of sa blog awards finalists...

and nothing...

i really enjoyed yesterday's reviews!

Good luck with the Argus. Once you're done, put the bike away and get your takkies on and start training for next year's Two Oceans. You really then get to appreciate the views from these roads. Especially as stopping is expected (I'd actually encourage it) and won't cause a pile up.

Two Oceans has got to be the most scenic race I've ever run.

@ EMACT's : Damn, I dropeed the ball. I will make up for it, very soon.
@ Colin : Thanks for the wishes. Re: The Two Oceans, God gave us this incredible mind that we used to invent the wheel ... many years ago. Eish!! that's a long way to run!

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