Eish!!: SA Blog Awards Finalists Announced

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SA Blog Awards Finalists Announced

The finalists of this year's SA Blog Awards have been announced. There are a few interesting inclusions and surprising exclusions in most categories, but this is not surprising considering the nominations were left to the general public ie. the various blog's readership. It will be interesting to see how this pans out after last year's controversy.

You have until March 19th to have your say. Vote for your favourite, favourite here.

Here's the full list of finalists in each category. I will be sharing my predictions over the next 2 weeks.

South African Weblog of the Year
[The Best of the Best from South Africa]
  • peakperformances.co.za
  • sarocks.co.za
  • shaunoakes.com
  • tertia.org
  • redsaid.net
  • thoughtleader.co.za
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com
  • 6000.co.za
  • toomuchcoffee.co.za
  • gladtobeagirl.blogspot.com

Best SA Entertainment Blog
[Weblogs about movies, television, celebrities, theatre and topical issues with entertainment value]

  • chump-style.blogspot.com
  • hottestgossip.co.za
  • bangersandnash.blogspot.com
  • peakperformances.co.za
  • splattermail.org
  • blog.ecr.co.za/breakfast
  • 2oceansvibe.com
  • themuso.co.za
  • imod.co.za
  • entertainmentblogs.24.com/celebratingmovies
Most Humorous South African Blog
[Witty, comical and written to induce uncontrollable laughter]

  • blog.ecr.co.za/breakfast
  • shaunoakes.com
  • mothercityliving.co.za
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com
  • toomuchcoffee.co.za
  • redsaid.net
  • kyknoord.wordpress.com
  • splattermail.org
  • blogs.24.com/onelargeprawn
  • baglett.blogspot.com

Best Post on a South African Blog
[The one post which stood out in 2007]

  • shaunoakes.com/charity-volunteers-are-evil.htm
  • getaway.co.za/content/blog/singlepage.asp?id=251
  • splattermail.org/splattermail-mythbusters-the-real-reason-that-cocaine-is-bad-for-you-2007-10-25
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com/2007/10/how-not-to-buy-condoms.html
  • bandwidthblog.com/2007/12/10/the-offices-of-todays-leading-internet-companies
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com/2008/01/husbank-or-husburden.html
  • shaunoakes.com/kurt-darren-appreciation.htm
  • pinotageclub.blogspot.com/2007/03/pinotage-its-south-african-variety.html
  • pinotageclub.blogspot.com/2007/03/spit-lamb-not-pinotage-talking-of-lamb.html
  • 6000.co.za/2007/07/06/the-big-south-african-crime-post

Best Overseas South African Blog
[Best blog written by a South African in any foreign country]

  • vanielje.com/blog
  • markforrester.co.za
  • twistedkoeksuster.blogspot.com
  • the-granny-wrangler.blogspot.com
  • charlotteotter.wordpress.com
  • liechtensteinliving.blogspot.com
  • greedygourmet.com
  • crabmommy.blogspot.com
  • lorissashepstone.com
  • cooksister.typepad.com
Best Original Writing on a South African Blog
[Composition, attention to detail, advanced levels of subject investigation]

  • 6000.co.za
  • maxkaizen.com
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com
  • baglett.blogspot.com
  • afrodissident.wordpress.com
  • jaxbischof.wordpress.com
  • ivo.co.za
  • redsaid.net
  • africansurfer.com
  • shaunoakes.com

Best SA Blog about Politics
[The best SA blog featuring mainly a political theme

  • afrodissident.wordpress.com
  • commentary.co.za
  • politics.za.net
  • insidepolitics.org.za
  • ivo.co.za
  • jontyfisher.blogspot.com
  • smartcraft.biz
  • blogs.thetimes.co.za/bullard
  • thoughtleader.co.za
  • toomuchcoffee.co.za
Best SA Photographic Blog
[The best SA blog featuring original photographic content]

  • vanielje.com/blog
  • droreyal.co.za/blog
  • blogs.24.com/jamesnel
  • apparentlynothing.com
  • neilmccartney.blogspot.com
  • gosu.co.za
  • jenty-mylifeinpics.blogspot.com
  • print-digital.info/photo-blogging
  • capetowndailyphoto.com
  • andreac1.wordpress.com

Best New Blog
[Best blog which was started during the year of 2007]

  • elledeco.blogspot.com
  • ivo.co.za
  • capetowndailyphoto.com
  • gfsouthafrica.blogspot.com
  • greedygourmet.com
  • jaxbischof.wordpress.com
  • blog.ecr.co.za/newswatch
  • vanielje.com/blog
  • baglett.blogspot.com
  • blog.bridgetmcnulty.com
Best SA Blog about Food and Wine
[The best blog written primarily about food or drink

  • cooksister.com
  • vanielje.com/blog
  • capetable.typepad.com
  • stormhoek.co.za
  • greedygourmet.com
  • pinotageclub.blogspot.com
  • mothercityliving.co.za
  • gfsouthafrica.blogspot.com
  • blog.winecountry.co.za
  • warwickwine.blogspot.com
Best SA Blog about Technology / Computers / Web Development
[Best South African technology focused weblog]

  • noboxmedia.com
  • imod.co.za
  • bandwidthblog.com
  • stii.za.net
  • nudjit.com
  • vincentmaher.com/mit
  • tectonic.co.za
  • adii.co.za
  • andyhadfield.com
  • mikestopforth.com

Best SA Music Blog
[Best weblog about news of a musical nature]

  • pioneerunit.com
  • 3am.co.za
  • overtone.co.za
  • isolation.tv/default.aspx
  • stevehofmeyr.co.za
  • peakperformances.co.za
  • blogs.24.com/audiophile
  • dewaldlouw.iblog.co.za
  • monkeysfist.co.za
  • themuso.co.za
Best SA Blog about Design
[Best overall design and layout of a weblog page]

  • brandnewmedia.wordpress.com
  • skinnylaminx.com
  • adii.co.za
  • elledeco.blogspot.com
  • nomad-one.com
  • markforrester.co.za
  • noboxmedia.com
  • apartmentstudios.net
  • coda.co.za
  • yellow-llama.com

Best SA Podcast
[Best independently produced video or audio podcast in SA]

  • derekthebandit.wordpress.com
  • ctru.co.za/podcast
  • podcasts.thetimes.co.za
  • 123listen2me.com
  • blog.earth-touch.com
  • blog.ecr.co.za/justplain
  • 2oceansvibe.com
  • oldmutual.co.za/success
  • thezashow.com
  • mg.co.za/podcast

Best SA Business Blog
[Best blog about business]

  • blog.bizcommunity.com
  • wiredgecko.net
  • matthewbuckland.net
  • gottaquirk.com
  • narrativelab.co.za
  • ericedelstein.com
  • mikestopforth.com
  • tycoon.co.za
  • thebigchange.com
  • adriansaville.blogspot.com

Best Group Blog
[Best blog with more than one contributor]

  • stormhoek.com
  • blog.earth-touch.com
  • blog.ecr.co.za/breakfast
  • splattermail.org
  • narrativelab.co.za
  • mahendras-ties.blogspot.com
  • africansurfer.com
  • batchfoobadmommy.blogspot.com
  • sarocks.co.za
  • thoughtleader.co.za

Best Website Promoting Blogging
[Best South African blog content promotion service or blogging platform]

  • onlinehealth.co.za
  • withtank.com/blog
  • buzzfuse.com
  • blogs.24.com
  • bundublog.com
  • muti.co.za
  • chalkischeap.co.za
  • amatomu.co.za
  • withtank.com
  • afrigator.com

Best Sports Blog
[A weblog written exclusively about any recognised sport]

  • africansurfer.com
  • sportblogs.24.com/ghana2008
  • sportblogs.24.com/frg
  • compleatgolfer.co.za
  • keo.co.za
  • sarugbyblog.com
  • pakiscorner.com
  • blog.ecr.co.za/justplain
  • rugbydump.blogspot.com
  • iamastormer.com

Best Green blog
[Weblog covering mainly environmental, organic or enviro-friendly related content]

  • cane.org.za
  • ivo.co.za
  • flenix.com/blog
  • urbansprout.co.za
  • synaptoman.com
  • carbonsmart.com
  • mothercityliving.co.za
  • environment.co.za
  • greenerhouse.co.za
  • blog.earth-touch.com
Best Travel Blog
[The best South African blog featuring travel related content.]

  • mothercityliving.co.za
  • getaway.co.za/content/blog/categories.asp?category=Jazz%20Kuschke
  • southafricablog.co.za
  • capetowndailyphoto.com
  • africansurfer.com
  • getaway.co.za/content/blog/singlepage.asp?id=380
  • blog.travelstart.co.za
  • getaway.co.za/content/blog/categories.asp?category=Rob%20House
  • getaway.co.za/content/kingsley/blogs/kingsley.asp
  • getaway.co.za/content/blog/categories.asp?category=Alison%20Westwood

Best Undiscovered Blog
[Due to these blogs being 'undiscovered' with limited readership, last year's winners will make a selection from the unknown blogs nominated for this category. The selected top ten with then go through to the final voting stage as per normal.]

  • vanoodle.blogspot.com
  • jaxbischof.wordpress.com
  • amandasaunders.blog.com
  • how-to-become-a-serial-dater.blogspot.com
  • baglett.blogspot.com
  • neilmccartney.blogspot.com
  • mamameea.blogspot.com
  • livinglifebreathlessly.blogspot.com
  • cynicman.za.net/wordpress
  • slxs.co.za

Best South African Personal Blog
[Covers diary type blogs of a personal lifestory nature]
  • 6000.co.za
  • imod.co.za
  • jaxbischof.wordpress.com
  • blogs.24.com/emma30
  • gladtobeagirl.blogspot.com
  • mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com
  • tertia.org
  • batchfoo.blogspot.com
  • mamameea.blogspot.com
  • kabintsimbi.blogspot.com

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Dont even know 3/4 of these :) fantastic way to find new content :)

Stefano, theres a certain amount of irony in that isn't there?
I will be doing just that and reporting back over the next couple of days.

Great list of sites. I found a lot of interesting here. Thank you :)

Eish, I think I was as surprised as you to see iMod in the Entertainment category. I guess I do tackle a fair amount of entertainment, but all in all, I'd much rather have my readers vote for me in the Personal category :)

@ DBS : Enjoy wading through the selection.I must ne honest and say I am going to have to do the same. There are quite a few I will be viewing for the first time.
@ Chris : I guess that just ups the chances for a win? Good luck.

Ye mate, 3 different categories is pretty wicked ;)

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