Eish!!: 3 More Fuel Saving Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

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3 More Fuel Saving Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

Petrol is apparently on it's way to R10-00 p/l. You may want to take heed of the tips below.

1. Think Shade

Park your car in the shade whenever possible. The same sun that is boiling up your steering wheel is also stealing fuel from your tank. It’s called evaporative emissions and it’s common in cars that are more than five years old.

Keeping your car in the shade also helps to keep it at the same temperature so you don’t have to fire up the air conditioning when you’re ready to leave. If you have a garage you can use, or an underground car park that’s an even better option.

2. Forget The Street Cred

It may look cool, but spoilers can spell disaster if you’re looking to conserve fuel. Spoilers may be marketed to give you that extra stability and handling, but according to most in-the-know they have virtually no aerodynamic benefit on most cars. In fact, spoilers can have a very negative impact on fuel conservation.

You may also want to rethink installing that 50 inch subwoofer in your car. Anything that makes your car heavier will make your fuel bill more expensive.

And finally, leave off the larger tyres. The larger the tyre, the more fuel it takes to accelerate and stop the car.

3. Keep Your Cruising To The Highways – Not The Byways

Cruise control can be very tempting. Especially when you have a stretch of nothing but straight road. And it can also be good for your wallet. If you’re able to maintain a steady speed for some time, using cruise control can improve your fuel consumption.

However, if you’re driving in hilly terrain, your fuel consumption will increase. Using cruise control causes your engine to speed up to maintain the preset speed. You’ll save much more fuel by using the gas pedal yourself.

{Taken from one of my regular reads @ SaveFuel-SaveMoney}

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