Eish!!: FNB's Michael Jordaan's turn to be positive

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FNB's Michael Jordaan's turn to be positive

A few week's ago Iburst's CEO Alan Knott-Craig (jnr) sent a mail to his staff in response to the growing pessimism about the future of our great country. This letter spread virally and was even given time during a Mnet's Carte Blanche insert.
Yesterday it was the turn of Michael Jordaan, CEO of banking giant FNB, to deliver his message, entitled "Pride, Prejudice and Power". Here is an excerpt.

"Dear FNBers

Is it possible to be both proud of something, yet criticise it at the same time? Of course it is! Take any beaming parent for example. He or she will use every opportunity to tell others about his/her child’s achievements. At the same time, good parents are constructively critical when their child needs it. The thing that is consistent in both pride and criticism is the positive intent.

Exactly the same applies to our country or for that matter our company. Our value of Pride says that we are proudly South African or proud of FNB. Yet, that should not stop us from criticising.

I think the Eskom outages are a disaster for our economy and have done serious damage to the confidence in our young democracy. In any ordinary business venture there would be consequences for the incompetence we all had to / have to suffer. There, I’ve criticised.

But I’ve heard enough of the doom-and-gloom that has characterised South Africa over the last four weeks. And I am tired of the point-scoring politicians and told-you-so expatriates. Character is defined in bad times. Everything depends not on the national crisis itself, but on how we respond as a nation.

Change can either paralyse or energise. I choose the latter..."

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