Eish!!: Have you voted yet?

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Have you voted yet?

This is just a friendly reminder to register and vote for the Mother City to get on the board in Hasbro's new World Monopoly game.
I have no doubt that Cape Town's rise to #8 in the World Monopoly competition is due to the push made by the South African bloggers. But it's important to remember that once you have registered you are able to vote once a day for you city of choice. The higher the vote, the more I city will be 'worth' on the final board.
I like the suggestion to include our African brothers Cairo in your voting pool. They are just outside of the top 20 so could do with a little help.
Finally you can also nominate Johannesburg to be included in the wildcard vote. they are currently #11 in this pool.
SA's corporates are even getting into the spirit of things and opening their firewalls to the voting site, good on you guys.

For a step-by-step guide how to register and vote, click over to SA Rocks.

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