Eish!!: How much is your salary worth?

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How much is your salary worth?

While doing some research on the web, I came across this great site that compares your salary and your current cost of living to that of other cities, either locally or internationally. Using this tool, should you be looking to move you are able to ascertain what salary level you should be aiming for. It uses various benchmarks from property rental and prices to the cost of Coca Cola in it's calculations. To give it a go click over to SalaryExpert.com's Cost of Living Calculator.

If you want to check out how your salary compares to others in the industry, with similar job specifications, qualifications and even experience, I highly recommend Payscale.It uses other surveyees (sic), industry standards as well as job listings to ascertain averages. I was hugely impressed with the depth and the resultant reports, and it is localised. I strongly recommend that all employees make this site a regular visit.
MyWage.co.za provides a slightly different, and in my experience a lot less comprehensive, service albeit more localised. Their salary checker helps you find the average salary being paid in your line of work. There is also a link to the same formatted page in other countries for comparison. Click here to give it a go.

In awesome resource that would be great if it could be replicated here in SA is the Salary Centre at MyCareer.com.au. It hurts, just a little, to praise something developed by the Aussies, but this must be an invaluable resource for the workforce and their employers down under. You are able to find out the average salaries paid to specific jobs and then check out the comparatives down to state and even city/town levels. SA web developers, check this out, there is a definite gap in the SA web space.

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