Eish!!: Free Satellite TV arrives in South Africa ... apparently

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Free Satellite TV arrives in South Africa ... apparently

Thanks to Chris @ iMod and the Bizcommunity guys I heard about the launch of a new free satellite TV offering called Free2View.
They claim to have MSNBC Africa as the mainstay and "the channels include a full schedule of live news of a world-class coverage and reporting, political analysis and award-winning documentary programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
All you have to do is fork out R1400-00 for a dish and decoder and you will have this programming for life.
So I was interested, not having South Africa's 'premier' satellite offering Dstv. I clicked over to their 'website.'
Sorry guys, their is no ways I am going to part with any of my hard earned cash on a media company that has this as their portal to their potential customers and a logo ... Well that red thing in the top left corner is their logo. And I suggest Eish!! readers do the same.

For a case study in bad marketing click here.

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Thanks for the mention mate!

Always a pleasure. Pity it couldn't have been a little more positive.
Let's hope I am proven wrong.

I am using a imageTune Satellite decoder to receiver TV prgarammes. This decoder is good. i also use imagetune satellite dish antenna and LNB.I hope GTV brings more good programmes to people in africa in the future.


Satellite TV also does a world of good for injured soldiers. They watch these shows that they used to watch back home and think of the times they spent watching these with their family members in the comforts of their homes.


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