Eish!!: Sitting behind a PC? Hows the eyes?

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Sitting behind a PC? Hows the eyes?

More than 50% computer users (and let's face it if you work in an office you are a computer users these days) suffer from eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and other visual symptoms.
This article at Web Worker Daily reminded me of this phenomenon.
The article suggests making some easy adjustments to your display settings, the most useful being :
"Get Your Ratios Right. Adjust your display’s contrast and brightness so that they’re easy on your eyes, and don’t forget to adjust your room lighting. Many people cite pronounced reductions in eye strain when working next to a halogen lamp instead of fluorescent lighting. Also 10:3 is the suggested ratio for the brightness of the characters on your display versus the background, and experts also suggest room illumination three times brighter than your screen background. (Your mileage may vary.)" For the full article click here.

But there is more that we can, and should, be doing to alleviate this problem for ourselves.
  • Windows XP offers a utility called ClearType. This is a great service that optimizes the Windows display settings to enhance readability. I have found the ClearType Tuner Powertoy the simplest way to use this utility. Download it from Microsoft here. Yes, it's free and is particular useful for those of you using laptops.
  • It's also advisable to increase your monitor's refresh rate. This reduces intensity of the flicker that while not always detectable essentially is the main culprit when it comes to eye strain.
  • Make sure you do not sit too close (or too far from the monitor). You should be aiming to sit around half a meter from the monitor.
  • Get rid of any light sources that may be causing any glare on the screen.
  • Blink more. Blinking helps keep the eye moist.
  • Install anti-glare screens over your monitor screen.
  • Switch to an LCD monitor : LCD's are flicker free
For more info read follow the links below:

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I'm a blogger using a laptop. The hours spent writing take a toll in headaches from eyestrain. Thanks for the research and advice bud!

Glad to you found the post helpful JBeams.
Personally I find going outdoors periodically the perfect anti-dote!

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