Eish!!: Vodacom entices subscriber to run up massive SMS bill

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Vodacom entices subscriber to run up massive SMS bill

Pensioner Hendrikus Wessels from Cape Town South Africa managed to run up bill of R48 000 (over $6,600) in just two weeks in the hope that he could win in Vodacom's "100 BMW's in 100 Days" competition.

The smses (text messages) cost R10 a shot and the promotion has a bonus draw each week for the subscriber that sends the most amount of entries. With a subscriber base of around 22 million, this promotion must be a massive money spinner for Vodacom.

As hard as I try to fell sorry for Mr Wessels, who has subsequently had his account suspended, I just can't.
There are many of premium priced competitions which charge from R5-00 to R30-00 an sms. In my opinion these 'competitions' merely are a very obvious form of gambling, making the companies that run them a hell of a lot of cash.

Eish!! readers, stay away from them.

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Hmmmm - I recently came across a similar one. "SMS us to receive a free watch. Max of 3 SMS's required, and R30 per SMS".

IE: Pay R90 for a cheap imported watch that will break in a few weeks!


All makes perfect sense ... yet people fall for it hook, line & sinker!!
Thanks for taking the time to give your 2c worth

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