Eish!!: Send your children to school

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Send your children to school

Tomorrow sees the start of a two-day, yes 2-day week. Cool for corporate workers, crap for business owners.
That been said, it's been scary the hearing number of parents who could not be bothered to send their children to school for those two days. The children have just come back from a three week holiday, giving families more than sufficient time to take advantage and do stuff with the family, go on a vacation etc.
The sad thing is, these are the same parents that will bitch and moan about the 'sad state of the education system,' (a massive assumption I know, but feel free to submit evidence to the contrary) It is a constitutional right for all our children to have access to education, and parents who decide that a few days away is more important than two days spent in the classroom then they need to be challenged on where their priorities lie. And then there is the message this sends to those children about the importance of said education...

Parent's please send your children to school tomorrow! Your children DO need their education.

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Absolutely agree with you, but it's something of a catch-22 situation. My son's girlfriend was saying that her school is open but some others in Stellenbosch are closed. Further, so many of the girls in her class have indicated that they won't be at school that the teachers will not be continuing with the syllabus but doing some kind of fun "keeping busy" activities for those that do come to school. And this is a Matric class who perhaps have more to lose from lost work time than lower grades.

It's sad, albeit understandable (... perhaps) that the teachers have to resort 'fun' classes during these two days. I hope that the schools that are closed for the two days in question are private schools, as my sources tell me that they will be breaking protocol if they are government schools!

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