Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight- Jax Panik

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Friday SA Music Spotlight- Jax Panik

Jax Panic is, Jacobus Johannes van Heerden, is an oke from Bellville, Cape Town.

He has been billed as SA's first online musician, releasing his music in the online space only. Reading several write-ups and his own biography there has been a stream of thought that his music is somewhat emo-ish. I don't get that,
"A sexy mix of pop, rock, and electro, with catchy hooks", Yes. In fact there is a whole load eighties pop group 'Yes' stuck deep down is his sound. It's a great blast from the past for those who remember the late eighties mix of artists.
For someone who bought some cheap software and started recording and programming his own tracks the sound is rich and just complex enough for the discerning listener to keep listening long enough to appreciate the mix and lyrics but still poppy and catchy enough to be appreciated by the masses. Kind of like a thinking man's Mika!

Click here for to download his track 'Cigarettes and Cinnamon' from 24.com

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Jax Panik - never heard of that oke before. "Cigarettes and cinnamon. Let's hope for a happy ending." Now I'm no Emo, but shite, those lyrics are a bit too sweet and 'isn't life just a roller coaster ride through the park' for me. I like my music with a bit more raw angst and hard rock.

I think what I'm looking for is South Africa's answer to Marilyn Manson.

Kewel blog btw.

@ Ms FW : The Emo label, just doesn't fit does it? This Friday's spotlight should be a little harder. Things have been a little light of late.
Thanks for taking the time to give your 2c worth

Eishman i agree these guys are kings!!! big fans!! i wanna speak to him to bad!! just tell him how much he has influenced my life

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