Eish!!: Free utility to check for software vulnerabilities

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Free utility to check for software vulnerabilities

Every so often you hear, often via a long grapevine of some scary vulnerability that has been found in some piece of software. You panic, but then you hear you only have to worry if you are using version release 7b.....
So what version do you have and if you have version release 7c, do you still have to worry?
The solution to this, and more importantly to ensure you stay ahead of the grapevine, is to install Secunia Personal Software Inspector. This clever piece of free software scans your installed programmes and checks them against what Secunia has in its database as known issues. Secunia collects, evaluates, verifies, and analyses security information from public mailing lists, security and vendor websites, coordinated vulnerability reports, and internal research and gives it to us on a silver platter. No worries. And for free.
This is a great addition to the tools you should have in your arsenal to keep you protected for the baddies. You should already be behind a router, have a firewall, have an updated anti-virus installed and have some anti-spyware utility, and now the perfect weapon for a pre-emptive strike.

Link : psi.secunia.com

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