Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Crash Car Burn

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Crash Car Burn

I promised some readers something a little harder this week ...
Rising from the ashes of SA band Tweak in 2006 Crash Car Burn have become arguably SA's premier punk rock band.
They have paid their dues in Europe and continue to do so on the local festival scene, and continue to build a larger and larger following as well creating an awareness in the overseas markets via mainstream media avenues like MTVU's The Freshmen. You get the feeling that they are building towards a break through track that is going to see them hit the big time. However, in my humble opinion they haven't found yet. What I have heard from them is awesome but perhaps a little generic for the genre they find themselves. They need to find something within themselves that distinguishes them from the pack, not just locally, but globally.

Having said all that, they have continued to grow and become a tighter unit and their melodies more complex, and it is only a matter of time before that killer track blasts them into the stratosphere. There offerings rock, and can compete with the best the world has to offer.

No guys, work on http://www.crashcarburn.com/

Myspace link : www.myspace.com/crashcarburn

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