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ZA Tech Show

I have long been a fan of the This Week in Tech, one of the pioneering podcasts. Once a week a group of tech analysts and journalist get together and have an informal chat on the week's technology news.
For a few weeks now I have been listening to SA's incarnation of this format The ZA Tech Show. The core group of participants are Simon Dingle and Brett Haggard, both from Hypertext Media; Duncan McLeod from the Financial Mail and FM Tech; Benedict Kelly from Finweek; and Jon Tullett from TechTarget.
What emerges is a quality look at the international technology movements from a local perspective, as well as view of the South African technology news. Something that cannot be found on any major South Africa media radio or television station.
Although slightly geeky at times, the hosts keep things relatively easy to understand and in fact go out of the way to ensure the content is accessible to anyone with even a remote interest in technology. The tag line " South African tech journos indulging in beer and opinion ..." says it all.
I strongly recommend you give is a listen, in fact as an introduction, give Episode 14 a listen where they have a very insightful chat to Mark Shuttleworth.

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I have totally ditched TWIT for ZATS. TWIT's quality of content has declined a lot during the past year (gosh, they can only talk about Twitter) and it was very easy to hit that unsubscribe button to TWIT.

The guys at ZATS are really great! Met them at PodCampSA in Bloem and we really had a blast. Their sense of humour gets me in stiches of laughter as a make my daily commute to and from work and their knowledge and connections in the local IT industry and industry players make it a podcast a must listen for the tech minded and not to tech minded in SA.

Hey Glen,
I still have a soft spot for Leo and his shows, but I must agree that Twitter gets a bit too much mileage!
ZATS is great stuff though.
Thanks for taking the time to comments.

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