Eish!!: Blogger Bake-Off - Eish's Beer Pot Bread

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Blogger Bake-Off - Eish's Beer Pot Bread

The Worldwide Blogger Bake-Off is an internet initiative aiming to raise $1 million for Breadline Africa.

Breadline Africa is an internationally registered charity that seeks out partnerships of hope and growth in Africa. It seeks to connect people who are struggling to achieve the most basic living conditions with others who are more fortunate and in a position to make a difference. Breadline Africa supports ground level African charities that are trying to help the communities around them realise their full potential. It's about offering a helping hand to the people who are dedicating their lives to smaller charitable
Eish!! is getting into the spirit and is not only spreading the word, by publishing this post, adding the widget on the right, but have even added my own (OK, borrowed from a fellow camper) recipe.

Here's what you can do. Click on the 'Help end poverty in Africa now' button the right and donate a little to this ever increasingly important cause.

Oh, and give the recipe below a vote or two while you are at it!

Beer Pot Bread

It's easy, great for the braai, barbeque or when out camping.


500g self raising flour
500ml buttermilk (can add a can of room temp beer instead if you want)
1pkt white onion soup
1 egg (beaten)
1 onion grated
Some cheese about a cup
herbs and cayenne pepper, salt, garlic / what ever else you want to add.


Pour into tin / pot
Sprinkle with cheese
Mix all together bake in the oven at 180' for an hour or on the coals ( +- 8 underneath and enough to cover the lid) for about an hour.

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Nice one Eish!

I reckon it's a good cause, your getting behind it motivated me to do the same


Just wanted say THANKS for getting involved with our Breadline Africa Blogger Bake Off.

We've had alot of great support from many bloggers so far and the list keeps growing everyday.

Be sure to check out our blog and visit the BBO website from time to time. We've also got a Facebook group together and I really want to see people's bread photos on there - successful recipes are good, but flops are better :)

Keep up the good work and don't forget to keep in touch and spread the word.

Happy baking!

Tamsin - Breadline Africa

Well done for joining in! Your potbread makes me homesick for braai weather :)

@ Tasmin : I hope things start to accelerate a bit for you. I am thinking that a follow up post is in order.
@ Jeanne : Pot bread tastes just a good in winter. give it a try!

This recipe is really going to keep me busy in the kitchen with all its glamor. This is another must for the weekend! My kids would just hug me for this.

@Dazy : Very cool, pop back and let us know how it went!

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