Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Autopilot

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Autopilot

I first came across Autopilot on the disappointing SABC tv show Pump up the Volume. Their slightly alternative rock sound was probably the best thing the 'show' had going for them.

Shane Coomber, Kevin Sykes, Brigette Greybe, Nicholas Oebell & Wihan Pretorius make up this Cape Town band that has been around since 2005. There sound has changed a bit over time particularly since vocalist Brigitte joined. To be honest I haven't heard the pre-Brigitte Autopilot, but am extremely grateful that her beautiful, but sufficiently raw voice has been given a platform.

They have gradually been growing their fan base and importantly for Eish!! have really being using the internet. They have songs available to podcasters to play and promote at the Podsafe Music Network, the obligatory MySpace page and are using Facebook to communicate to their fans.

As luck would have it they, have just updated their own website this week! It's a great improvement on the previous version and I will be popping in from time to time as I am particularly interested to see what appears on the promised Media page.

They are currently in line to be included in the massive Virgin Festival in December, so if you enjoy what you here click here and give them a vote.

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Just came across this review...thanks so much...will be sure to link this to our MEDIA page on our website...


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