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My Perfect City

I support Accelerate Cape Town
Accelerate Cape Town has initiated the "My Perfect City Challenge." [For more information check out the post @ Your Group of Web AddiCT(s).

This got me thinking. Obviously the perfect city does not, will not and cannot exist. For me though the criteria for the perfect city is quite simple. The perfect city would be a place that is so impressively amazing that I would consider leaving Cape Town to live there.

It would need to have a diverse population with a cultural mix which would allow me to experience food, entertainment and interact with individuals from the four corners of the globe. These same individuals would despite their roots being from other cities/countries/continents, have their hearts firmly set in this city. Be proud citizens of their adopted home.
As tempting as it would be to dream up a city that would have all citizens living a equally prosperous life, my perfect city would have a varied economic demographic. I believe this diversity creates an environment of diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship, enabling it to become the centre for innovation.
Geographically the city would, in my superficial opinion need to be on the coast, and not too far from the tropics this will keep the climate relatively moderate. The inhabitants would all be appreciative of their piece of the globe and maintain the environment with a sense of pride, ensuring that future generations too will be able to enjoy the environmental gifts currently being enjoyed. It is also important that the city offers some extraordinary natural phenomenon. That will ensure a steady flow of visitors to the city and ensure that it remains a desirable place to stay.
Again, let's keep away from what is assumed a given when dreaming about the transport system of this city. No, I don't want impressive highways, tramways or highspeed railways ... necessarily. The routes would be pleasurable to use. Looking out the windows of whatever the mode of transport being used would be an experience in itself. No tunnel walls flying past, but a view of the city's vistas, fellow dweller's lifestyles and natural beauty. Allowing the inhabitants to use the commute as an unwinding mechanism.
The work culture of the city would be one of innovation and service. The importance of free and extended family time would be inculcated into the fibre of all those involved in the
industries of the city. Things would happen ... when they should.

Cape Town could well become this city. There's not a heck of a lot listed above that's not attainable, I don't think. Incidently, you will have noticed the absence of comment on crime. That's because in the perfect city, that would be a non-issue.

What do you think? I am sure there's a whole load more that can be dreamt up. Have your say, comment or blog your dreams.

[Update : This post has been entered in the My Perfect City Challenge. Click here to give it your rating THEN click here and enter yourself, it's a great excuse to dream]

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