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Free Parental Control Software

I took a big parenting step a fortnight ago and installed a pc in my 12 year old daughter's bedroom, with internet access. What could have been an unnerving relinquishing of power and control was made extremely easy when I found Crawler Parental Control.
This awesome, free, package allows you to protect your children in a number of ways. On a pc level you are able to restrict the applications they can use and install, the folders they can access and even dictate the websites they can access. It has a built in website filter that will block inappropriate content and even prevent your credit card details being used without your knowledge.
For me, the most powerful module is the time scheduling. You are able to set, when your children are able to use the computer, by time of the day, day of the week and maximum hours per day, week etc. The same can be done for time spent online.
All this plus details reports of usage emailed to you, for free.

Download here.

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One giant leap for parentkind.. ;-) eish!

Eish! Soon your daughter and your son will be teaching you things you didn't know (even with parental control in place!).

And you thought giving her a music system was a big deal...!

Hey Art, I can't wait to be taught!!

So THAT'S why my programming skills are so behind - you blokes have employed your children as tutors!!!

That's just playing dirty chaps!!!

Definitely worth downloading, their are others such as Parental Filter from ecommsec.com and Weblocker

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