Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Wendy Oldfield

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Wendy Oldfield

As a the first spotlight of the year I have decided to feature a doyen of SA music, someone you has wowed audience's since the mid eighties and the radio waves not long after.
Wendy Oldfield began her music career in 1983 when the founder members of Sweatband, a small garage band which became one of the leaders of South Africa's 80's pack of rock bands that many swear was a golden age for this genre. Remember éVoid, Petit Cheval, Bright Blue, Tribe after Tribe and a band I always had a soft spot for, The Helicopters?
The demise of Sweatband saw Wendy pursuing a solo career and I think it would be true to say that she has purposefully ensured that her productions remain genre non-specific. Five solo albums later and one reportedly in the works Wendy Oldfield is sure to remain in the country's consciousness for many years to come.Her style has become more 'worldy' as she has matured and her music has become celebratory African.
Once known for her tireless gigging, at one stage averaging over 100 appearances a year over a 15 year period, she has so many other projects, and of course a family, so catching her live, particular here in Cape Town is now something you cannot afford to miss.
This Saturday she is performing at a special venue a little way down the road from Eishman's abode. So if you are able, I strongly suggest spending a Saturday afternoon listening to one of South Africa's musical doyens at the Cape Farmhouse in the hamlet of Scarborough.

For a taste of what to expect :


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