Eish!!: SA gets free ADSL accounts

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SA gets free ADSL accounts

Interprise (Pty) Ltd, a South African internet company that has been around since 1999, has launched MYISP.co.za which is offering free dialup and perhaps more importantly, ADSL accounts.
There are three account options tha offer between 200mb and 250mb ADSL account free.
Depending on the account you choose, you can opt-in to pay R29-00 a month for a mailbox with top-ups available @ 10c a mB, R55 for 500mb and between R100 to R120 for 1Gb topups.

Click here for more info.

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very cool....
lets see how this goes.

have you guys seen the new internet solution ADSL offering.

Plugg.co.za is offering ADSL for as low as R33 a month.

Most web sites are so graphics intensive these days, not to mention video, audio and other gee-whiz attributes, that you'd be lucky if that lasted a week. And the extra is very, very expensive.

Neotel has been distributing flyers advertising uncapped bandwidth, but they don't mention the price. I take that as a bad sign.

@ Wizardman : Thanks for the comment. Although I don't use Plugg I have found their rates tempting

@Steve : I agree btw. I see this as cool way to top up my existing cap a the end of each month as no cost.

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