Eish!!: The Kitesurfer and the Whale

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The Kitesurfer and the Whale

David Sheridan decided to place a camera on his kite-surfing sail to get some special pictures of himself on the water from 25m above his head.
What he didn't bank on was getting this shot as he suddenly found himself on top of a Southern Right whale.
Admittedly the 10sec delay between pictures meant he has no photographic evidence of the tail swipe he received just after this one has taken, but this one is special enough.
This all happened off Valla Beach, on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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I enjoyed your blog entry regarding the kitesurfer and the whale. Unbelievable that this happened and how amazing that the kitesurfer actually got a photo! As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” so study the photo closely and you will see that the media and officials got one important thing wrong. This was not a right whale! Search images of humpback whales and you will see the same unmistakable long pectoral flippers and small dorsal fin. Right whales do not have these features. There is no doubt that the kitesurfer struck a humpback. –Tom Pitchford

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