Eish!!: Friday SA Music Spotlight - Chris Chameleon

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Friday SA Music Spotlight - Chris Chameleon

Perhaps it's my natural, in-bred aversion to the genre he is most associated with, but I keep finding myself re-discovering Chris Chameleon's music and being re-surprised (I don't think this is actually correct English, but it is the best description I could come up with) at the quality of musicianship and the depth of lyrics.

Chris started his journey in 1997 as the bassist and front man for Boo! which received as fair bit of international fame before they disbanded on 2004. Although a prolific and successful Afrikaans singer/songwriter, his first English solo album 'Shine' was my first experience of his music and when my appreciation began to grow.

A true ... er .. chameleon, his music cannot be forced into any genre. There is a a whole load of rock, folk and acoustic thrown into his songs but not necessarily into the same ones.

For his latest single 'All of Me' he has released a video that is a collaborative Brighton based Shotopop and WIZZDesign in Paris who have created "emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance." It makes for awesome viewing while listening to yet another masterpiece. Check it out below.


"All of me" by Chris Chameleon from Shotopop on Vimeo.

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I hope you've had the pleasure of catching one of his live performances. The man is a born entertainer, talented beyond words.

I recall a certain conversation recently about the value of Afrikaans music and the stereotype of genre - have you been enlightened?

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