Eish!!: Z News - On a small screen near you?

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Z News - On a small screen near you?

Watching the pilot of a potential television program by cartoonist Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro), it seems a shame the SABC has taken around nine months not to make a decision whether to commission a series called Z News.
Fashioned on the UK institution Spitting Image, the show proposes to take the (in)famous Zapiro critical look on the South Africa's politicians and current affairs to a much broader audience. The producers, Zapiro and Thierry Cassuto, were hoping to have the program aired before this year's elections with the aim to help educate the voting public to critically analyse candidates, parties and issues. However nine months after the pilot was handed to the SABC nothing was come to fruition.

So we can currently view offerings here and at this Facebook group.

You can also click here and add you voice to get this show on to South African television.

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This will be very entertaining. I would really want to see this.

Maybe DSTV will have the balls to commission it?
Make sure you send in your vote.
Thanks for the comment

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