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Friday SA Music Spotlight - jacSharp

Even though jacSharp won HP's Design you personal life at the beginning of the year already, I must admit they have not been on my radar at all. However they are creating quite a buzz all of a sudden as they release their debut album Technicolor this month and quite rightly so.

Juliet Harding (Vocals and Keyboard), Emelio Gassibe (Bass), Ben Peters (Drums and Sampling) and Carl Wegelin (Guitars and Vocals) make up the band who put themselves into the Electro/Afro/Jazz/Pop/Rock genre. Personally I would reorganize this to Rock/Electro/Pop/Afro/Jazz. Man, I pity the music store assistants as they try and figure where to put the upcoming cd. As I write this, I am listening to the tracks they have posted on various sites and find myself backspacing and re-writing my descriptions. Their offerings are so diverse that I has actuall given up. Perhaps the only constant is that they are distinctively South African.

I enjoyed this bio from laodtheshow.com though:
  • What do you get when you mix an electronic drummer, rock/funk guitarist, afro/jazz bassist and a pop/jazz singer? A completely new, eclectic genre of music that's unique to Cape Town based band, jacSharp. If you dig to the core of this band, you will find something magical that has been built on a foundation of nothing but good times, good tunes and keen understanding of musical diversity. All of this has been melted down, mixed together and energetically thrown at their enthralled audiences.
Their debut album bash is on the 18th December @ the Assembly but they are embarking on a nationwide tour with Plush from tomorrow, so I strongly suggest you follow the links and give their tracks a listen and then make a note in your diary to go check them out when they are in your neck of the woods.
Oh, and when visiting their website jacsharp.com you can download the title track of the new album Technicolour (check the SA spelling!) for free, gratis. Well worth the visit.


Tour Dates : The Keep it in the Family Tour with Plush

13 Dec: Harvey Wallbangerz , Durban

15 Dec: Douglas Mitchell Sports Ground, Uvongo, KZN

16 Dec: Johannesburg, Tanz Cafe

17 Dec: Johannesburg, Tanz Cafe

18 Dec: Assembly, Cape Town

27 Dec: Crab’s Creek, Knysna

28 Dec: VIP, Plettenberg Bay

29 Dec: Neptunes Festival, Kenton on sea

31 Dec: Phoenix Rising New Years party, Kenton on Sea

3 Jan: Tapas Al Sol, Port Elizabeth

4 April: Kirstenbosch Summer Concert

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