Eish!!: Tobogganing in Cape Town

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Tobogganing in Cape Town

Yesterday I visited Cool Runnings in Bellville, Cape Town for the first time. I have known of the existence of the steel version of the sport for some time, but have never given it a try.
What a blast!!
There is a 821m steel half-pipe that twists itself down a Bellville hill that sends you careening down on cleverly designed bob sleds. The sleds and pulley system (that gets you up the 429m worth of hill with no effort) was actually designed and in 1976 and 1978 respectively and there are now over 300 sites all over the world. It'easy to see why, the systme is simple ... and fun!
Sitting on the lift going up the hill, there as a great feeling of anticipation as you watch others speeding down the pipe and once you get to the top, the easy to use sled design allows you to enjoy the ride at a pace you desire ... or the person in front of you does.
The premises is extremely well managed and the staff helpful and I appreciated the system of transferrable tickets, something very refreshing. What this means is the tickets you purchase that are valid for multiple rides, remain valid for future days should you not use them all on the day of purchase, and can be given to others to use. This makes what initially seems as an expensive afternoon's entertainment suddenly becomes very, very reasonable.

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This HAS to be on the list of things-to-do on one of our sojourns into Cape Town! Will let you know...

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