Eish!!: Eish's ultimate Christmas wishlist

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Eish's ultimate Christmas wishlist

With just a few days to Christmas, I thought I would assist all the Eish!! readers who wish to send Eishman a little Christmas gift.

Green Travel

With the oil price destined to stay at the current level for ... well ... er ... ever an electric car seems to me to be the way of the future. So why not get one that can get to 60mph in less than 4 secs and look,s good doing it?
Top of the list must the Telsa Roadster.

Price : Around R800 000-00

Internet Tablet

I am extremely happy with my current cellphone, so I have decided to add the Nokia N810 internet tablet onto the list instead of a new phone.

Internet browsing, WiFi connectivity, GPS functionality, widescreen format, mp3 playback, podcast aggregation with a qwerty keyboard. I actually like the fact that there is no phone functionality. This allows your phone to be a phone and this becomes your browser and organiser, but ... it is fully Skype compatible!

Price : +/- R3400

Home Entertainment

While I am an audiophile, the technical stuff goes way over my head. What I have managed to do is put together my dream home theater system. Again let me stress this has been put together based on nothing other than my limited understanding of the technical stuff and, of course, looks so if you feel there are better component combinations feel free to make changes.

Plasma : Panansonic TH-65PZ750U : At 65 inches and 1080p, and good looks, this should fit nicely into my lounge home.

Price : +/- R63 000

Amplifier : Halcro DM58 : Rated by more than one reviewer as the best amplifier ever, who am I to argue.

Price : +/- R539 000

Speakers : Martin Logan Purity : When it comes to speakers looks are really important. I found this to be extremely well spec.ed and beatiful to look at.

Price : +/- R23 100

Sub : MartinLogan Abyss : +/- R8 000

Universal Remote

Of course with all the above one needs a beautiful and functional remote. Philips' Pronto TSU9600 fits the bill perfectly. It will replace my current table full of remotes, is fully customizable and, of course, looks good.

Price : +/- R9500

Personal Internet Player

Now here's something I received an 'exclusive' invite to purchase and actually attempted to order, but due to them not been able to ship outside the US I lost out. A Chumby is a marketed as a Personal Internet Player. It's simply a widget driven wireless receiver. It has an alarm clock, plays mp3's, internet radio, accepts rss feeds and it's little screen displays anything from the weather to photos, pretty much anything that you can find a widget for.

Price : +/- R1300


Of course what Christmas wishlist in 2007 would be complete without the Nintendo Wii? I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but the physical nature of the game play appeals to me ... and wouldn't it look good on the 65 inch plasma?

Price : R2900

I hope there's enough there for you to mull over, my postal address is : 1 Whishfullthynking Avenue, Itlnevrhapn, 7975.

... Oh! I nearly forgot to add peace and goodwill to all mankind ...

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